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EJ Franco, better known as DJ EL Grande, a true turntablist born in 1984 SF Bay Area, quickly grew as a product of his environment.

Being raised two blocks away from where DJ Q-Bert grew up, the unusual but beautiful noises coming out of the garage of the original "Octagon" sparked his curiosity about scratching records at an early age. The multi-disciplinary creative, started DJing in 1999 with his first set of black Technics 1200 MK2s and a Vestax PMC06 doing local parties and events and eventually college radio at CSU San Jose. 

Now residing and working in Seattle, he has became a community contributor for nearly 20 years working between inner city youth programs to producing classic HipHop records for Sub Pop and headlining the biggest venues as one of the premier DJ/Producer 

combos in music today. With a long portfolio in music, he also extends that into creative audio and visual design for a multitude of clients from small businesses to the biggest companies in the world.

“Sound and design is powerful. The title DJ is not an easy job or responsibility to hold. If I press stop so does the room, so Im grateful and blessed to be rocking for my people. Thank You.”

                                                                - EJ Franco (DJ ELGRANDE)

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